Riches in the Rubble

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Hard times are really times of wealth in disguise. Lord knows I ‘ve had my share.  They are the times when you stop focusing on those who are not there for you and realize who steps up and is there for you. You find people you did not even know respect and appreciate you. They are the times when you are given the gift of being able to see things clearly and think quietly. They are the times when in the most overwhelming of moments all you can do is enjoy the simplest of comforts, a good book, a hug from a child, the fact that you are healthy and alive. They are the times when if you listen quietly you are closest to God. They are the times when you realize what really matters the most. Don’t run from hard times. They are necessary to balance our lives. When the good times come again you can share it with those that really matter. Peace and Blessings! Keep your head to the sky!



Highland Park Sign Extolling Gentrification Sets Off Neighborhood Feud « CBS Los Angeles

Hipsters Part II

So this is the neighborhood I was speaking of in Hipsters.  There  is a total disconnection with these people and how they displace those who have less money.  Money is the root of so much evil in this country.  Sad.


Tensions were mounting in Highland Park this week after a contractor working on an under-construction home put up a large sign apparently telling neighbors to welcome gentrification with open arms.

Source: Highland Park Sign Extolling Gentrification Sets Off Neighborhood Feud « CBS Los Angeles

Woman Who Couldn’t Flush The Toilet At Her Date’s House Shares The Embarrassing, Cringeworthy Story In Viral Tweets – Michael Baisden

‘I was the hot girl, now I’m the poop girl’: Woman who couldn’t flush the toilet at her date’s house shares the story via Twitter Makela, from Toronto, Canada, who tweets under the username @_blotty, detailed how she went to the toilet at her partner’s house and when the loo wouldn’t flush, was forced to take extreme measures. Makela confirmed that she did not make up this incredibly cringe-worth tale:    Also, I didn’t make it up. If I wanted to do something for attention I wouldn’t pick something SO embarrassing. I’d just Get My Left Tit Out — misunderstood worm (@_blotty) March 23, 2016 Tell us your most embarrassing first date story in the comment section!

Source: Woman Who Couldn’t Flush The Toilet At Her Date’s House Shares The Embarrassing, Cringeworthy Story In Viral Tweets – Michael Baisden


For the past few days, I have been so sick I thought I was close to meeting my maker. It is during those times and times of hardships, that the truth pops up and smacks me  in the face. I really want to work hard here to tell the for real truth.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional family.  I won’t tell you all the horrors I went through, but eventually this dysfunction led to me living in a place called Girlstown U.S. A. at 15. I simply was not wanted  by my family.   I did not see my family for years.  Imagine this if you can. It was very hard on me.  My extended family never paid any mind to me, and I was left in this world alone. to sort out adulthood, through a child’s mind.  You might as well say, I’ve been alone my whole life.  I grew up and had my daughter, and her father fled. I raised her alone.  I have never met a man that kept fidelity promises, or promises of keeping me safe. This  is why I write.  Most holidays are spent alone. I have two grand children and a daughter and a son-in-law.  I love them very much but I see them rarely.

To have so much love in my heart, this has been sad. I’m very social, I love to laugh and have fun, but I feel myself retreating.   I’ve often concealed any feelings of hurt and tolerated horrible circumstances, because of  the desire just to have some love in my life.  I call it “chasing after love.”  I’ve taken abuse, neglect, ignored  cruelties you cannot imagine,  all in the name of maintaining  some false relationship with someone, whether it be family or lover.

I realized this week in my illness how alone I am anyways.  I’m keeping peace with others to still be left alone! I’m being sidelined, to be further sidelined! I’m the bad child of the family, to stay the bad child of the family in their minds. (not mine)  Ha!  Now, that is so real and raw, even I can’t take it.   When I am needed, honey I am Johnny on the spot for you.   You need something, I will figure a way to make it happen for you if I love you.  Some man beat you up!  Oh hell naw girl! I am ripping off the fingernails and ready to throw down.  I saw a girl getting beat up on the side of the road once and I did not even know her.  I pulled over and took care of her. I made sure her boyfriend knew if he wanted to beat someone up it would have to be me.   Folks have NEVER been like that for me.   I kinda had to face this week, that is the way it is.We all live our lives, hoping that ONE person will have our backs do or die. We especially we hope our parents and family will. Never has happened to me.    At my age, I can’t keep up the puppy like enthusiasm anymore.  I can’t beg for that kind of love a family should give and feel any more. I can’t beg or seek that kind of half ass love people bring to my table anymore. I deserve better than to be laying here, feeling alone and having no one that will have my back, as I would have theirs. I cannot STAND to see anyone suffer.  No more false pretense stuff with anyone. If I am not important in the long and short of it, let it be known it is noted. I will continue to treat you with love and respect. I just won’t play fake anymore.

Mskeepintreal needs your prayers for her health to return, so that she can continue her journey of love,  learning and sharing.  God bless you! Keep it real folks.  Even if it hurts.







I can’t stand them!  I often drive through this neighborhood that was a Hispanic neighborhood for years. I always loved the flavor of driving down that street, the taco carts that were out there with the smell of the grilled meat, drifting into my car making me turn and look at those inviting hot sauces of various colors waving at me.  Then one day I noticed the flavor had gone.  I started seeing folks running across the street in the middle of traffic, like they owned the damned place.  No more delightful smells and no hot sauce stared at me.  Instead there were 10 shops that looked like they were all selling the same Laura Engels style of clothing; you know those long long granny looking dresses that they wear with some combat boots on. All the guys are walking around with pony tails on their head and got their little look alike strapped on their back in a baby carrier.  What few Hispanics are left in the neighborhood are stepped around and grimaced at by these aliens that have changed their environment with their smushy looking faces all turned up like they smell something bad.

I seethe  inside,because even though I don’t live there, those Hipsters ruined my sight seeing joys. Now I just see the same ole thing I see in every neighborhood they take over.   This is just more of the same ole boring ish to look at.  I can’t smell nothing good cooking down there. There is no mo flava.  Barely hanging on is any Hispanic  culture  and  this has now been replaced with wanna be So Ho coffee shops and folks with money trying to look cool. Those Hipsters ruined my drive down that road and priced people out of their homes and businesses. One by One.  Some people call that progress.  I call it larceny. It’s just a damn shame.

Always keepin it real