I can’t stand them!  I often drive through this neighborhood that was a Hispanic neighborhood for years. I always loved the flavor of driving down that street, the taco carts that were out there with the smell of the grilled meat, drifting into my car making me turn and look at those inviting hot sauces of various colors waving at me.  Then one day I noticed the flavor had gone.  I started seeing folks running across the street in the middle of traffic, like they owned the damned place.  No more delightful smells and no hot sauce stared at me.  Instead there were 10 shops that looked like they were all selling the same Laura Engels style of clothing; you know those long long granny looking dresses that they wear with some combat boots on. All the guys are walking around with pony tails on their head and got their little look alike strapped on their back in a baby carrier.  What few Hispanics are left in the neighborhood are stepped around and grimaced at by these aliens that have changed their environment with their smushy looking faces all turned up like they smell something bad.

I seethe  inside,because even though I don’t live there, those Hipsters ruined my sight seeing joys. Now I just see the same ole thing I see in every neighborhood they take over.   This is just more of the same ole boring ish to look at.  I can’t smell nothing good cooking down there. There is no mo flava.  Barely hanging on is any Hispanic  culture  and  this has now been replaced with wanna be So Ho coffee shops and folks with money trying to look cool. Those Hipsters ruined my drive down that road and priced people out of their homes and businesses. One by One.  Some people call that progress.  I call it larceny. It’s just a damn shame.

Always keepin it real



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